High Pressure Equipment

FREE Estimates. Repairs Include 1 Year Same-as-New

Services Available

From low pressure air applications (80 psi) to high pressure hydraulic applications (40,000 psi), we do it all. At LPH, we can provide expert repair, parts, or new components for all of your high pressure application needs.

Full Test Capabilities to meet OEM specifications.

1 Year “Same as New” Warranty– We will disassemble, clean & inspect all parts for any wear or damage. Upon inspection, a quote will be processed and sent out to you at no charge.

Electric/Hydraulic pumps, Air/Hydraulic pumps, Gasoline/Hydraulic pumps, Manual pumps, Single & Double-Acting cylinders, Spreaders, Nut Splitters, Cutters, Torque Wrenches, Presses, Pullers, Workholding Tools, Hose Assemblies, Connectors, Pressure Gauges, etc…

Our Services
When it comes to quality repairs and services, we've got you covered

We’ve been successfully rebuilding hydraulic and pneumatic components since 1985. We are considered by many of our long time customers as “the best in the business.”

We offer a free repair evaluation on most standard jobs.

All rebuilds backed by a 1 year “same as new” warranty against defective parts and workmanship.

All rebuilt components are either bench tested or tested on one of our custom-built test stands.

All components and units rebuilt by LPH are brought back to “like new” condition with a 1 year “Same as New” warranty.

Thousands of units available to ship same day- Vickers, Racine, Denison, Rexroth, etc…

How we work with your repair order

Step 1

Contact Us By Phone or Online. Our service representatives will get the process started right away.

Step 2

Either bring your repair to us or make arrangements with your area LPH rep to have item picked up. Otherwise alternative shipping arrangements can be made.

Step 3

We will disassemble and inspect for a thorough evaluation of your repair.

Step 4

A detailed quote is prepared for your repair. We will not start the repair until we get your approval.

Step 5

Parts will be ordered upon your approval. If you decline the repair there is no cost for evaluation on most standard repairs.

Step 6

Upon completion of your repair, we will deliver, ship or you can pick up repaired item from our facility.

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